Will 2016 finally be the year that educational ecosystems change…for the better?

Well, here comes 2016.  Another year, another opportunity to actually change education for the better!  This week I was reminded of an article that came out on the MindShift blog way back in 2013.  Yep, that’s right I’m about to refer to an article that was a call to action two years ago and still has so much to say to us even today.

The call to action I’m referring to is the challenge to change the educational ecosystem in your classroom, your campus, your district, or wherever your sphere of influence may imBe-Brave-1024x768pact.  A change in new federal law, ESSA, governing education has created yet another opportunity for educators to dive in and look at our practices, our beliefs, and our bravery.  Bravery?  You read that correctly.  Educators now more than ever, at least more than in the last 15 years, have an opportunity redirect and redesign the environment of the classroom and the campus and create true inquiry based learning that promotes deep thinking, deeper understanding, and authentic learning.

Administrators have to give their teachers the autonomy and trust to develop deeper learning experiences in the classrooms.  We must also know our teachers well enough, individually and as teams, to provide them the professional development and entrepreneurial environment that allows for these changes to occur.

Teachers have to push away the built in excuse that says they can’t because their principals or district won’t let them.  Educators have to tap into their own deep inquiry into practices and pedagogy to advocate and pursue what is best for students.  Teachers don’t have to beEducational Ecosystem tools of the district or a policy or an initiative.  Dig into the research that supports your gut and your intuition and what you know is best for students.  Go to your campus and district leadership with data, research, and the fruit of your labors and prove what you know is best!

Let’s all take this opportunity to be one of the brave!  Let’s be true practitioners of education!  Let’s make 2016 be the year where education truly did change…for the better…for students!


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