Make your Faculty Meetings Count!

A really good read.  This is one of ED Week’s top 20 op/ed posts of the year:

3 Reasons Why Faculty Meetings Are a Waste of Time.

Campus (and district) leaders would do well to heed this advice.  Avoid anything in a faculty meeting that can be accomplished via email (I came to this realization a long time ago and stick to it today).  I also don’t ready anything to my staff or leaders (because I assume they can read and can be counted upon to read it).  Secondly, give teachers or teacher teams some say in the faculty meeting agenda.  I used this process as well.  I would add that having a standardized agenda each month with “standing topics” helps your staff to know what’s coming, stay engaged, and leave with
specifics they can use right after the meeting.  Lastly, make sure there is learning in the faculty meeting.  In fact, I quit calling my faculty meetings those words and used the term “faculty PD”.  It’s a great time to model best practices you want to see in the classrooms and it helps your teachers see you as a learner and educator as well.  I used an 80/20 ratio and tried to keep all of the “nuts and bolts” items to less than 20% of the meeting with a learning focus for the other 80%.


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